Expert-network for satellite-based applications –
The German Center for Satellite-Communications r.S. (DeSK)

Satellite communication has essentially contributed to today’s most advanced society through data transmission, mobile telephony and television. An alternative and addition to all terrestrial communication systems, therefore providing a lot of potential for future trends. For example, ideas such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) or autonomous driving require powerful communication networks, which are capable of reaching every location worldwide.

To demonstrate and to bring these capabilities into focus, the German Center for Satellite-Communications r.S. (DeSK) was founded in 2008, unifying enterprises, scientific institutions and universities, operating in the field of satellite communication.

DeSK’s objective is to promote the expansion of business relations among the members to create a powerful network, capable of initiatingsynergies.

In addition, the institution organizes workshops to find qualified and trained professionals. The association also initiates a dialog with relevant stakeholders from political sectors and the industry with the goal to incorporate the versatile possibilities communication satellites provide, into political infrastructure plans and other economic sectors.

Further, DeSK operates an interactive showroom to demonstrate the relevance of satellite communication technology in our daily lives. With the slogan “Touch and Feel Satellite Communication" the showroom informs the general public as well as young talents about new trends and topics in this field.

Fabricated by the Technical University of Berlin, a UHF (Ultra High Frequency) ground station representing a redundancy system was integrated into the DeSK showroom in 2018. Hereby telemetry- and status data of nanosatellites can be received “live”. This built-in infrastructure at DeSK so far is unique and nationwide one of a kind.